Amazon Best Seller Strategy

Offer a simple choice to your prospects between:

  • a lambda entrepreneur

  • an entrepreneur who is Best Seller on the most famous e-commerce platform in the world


Be more respected as an author


Add perceived and real value to your brand

Increase your brand visibility & credibility

It has worked for ...

Mirela Sula

Founder of Global Woman Club

A network of 27 business clubs all across Europe, USA, Africa and Middle East

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this strategy work with an ebook?

Yes! Definitely the "Amazon Best Seller Strategy" works with ebooks and books

Does it apply to any type of book (fiction, novel, education, biography...)?

Yes! The strategy fits for all types of books.

My book is not in English, does it matter?

No! The strategy is the same either your book is published in English, French or any other language.

It is my first book, will it be #1?

If you apply the step by step strategy which will be provided to you, your book has its chance to become a #1, as any other book.

Is the #1 rank guaranteed?

No, and nobody can promise it to you 100%. Nevertheless, our strategy has worked with success tens of times.

How the Amazon Best Seller strategy works?

Publish your book and/or eBook on Amazon
Apply our Amazon Best Seller Strategy
Enjoy being #1 on the biggest ecommerce platform

Who is Matthieu Kaczmarek?

Matthieu is a Computer Science Engineer since more than 10 years.


He is also a Business & Marketing Consultant who helps companies to differentiate themselves from their competition.

He knows that branding and social proof are very powerful tools and he offer you the opportunity to become an Amazon Best Seller

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