• Matthieu Kaczmarek

Every Personal Trainer should do this now

During the crisis of Covid-19, every business owner should adapt the way he/she keeps contact with it's prospects and clients but also the way he/she does business.

Here is what you have to do as a Personal Trainer as from today and for the coming weeks.

Create a daily meeting online

People tend to not move enough as they have to stay at home. Being seated all day long is definitely an issue.

As a Personal Trainer, you have to create an online sport course every day (or 6 days a week) at the same time.

Why everyday at the same time

To create an habit and have your own followers that can become later on your private clients. Also your consistency will prove that people can count on you to make them do sport which is a common issue.

Define your target audience and adapt the course

If your target audience is people with high objectives like a marathon or something like this, your course won't be the same than if you target people who never do sport and you just want to make them healthier.

Create content about healthy food

Doing sport is good, eating too much or bad food is not. As a Personal Trainer, you should encourage people to eat healthier.

If you are not specialized in this area, maybe it's time to create a partnership with a nutritionist and you cross-publish your content to generate a bigger audience for both of you.

This service will increase the confidence from your your clients and prospects to put in your hands their health.

Organize private sessions online

If you and your clients have to stay at home, as it is the case in many countries right now, you have to organize sport session online through any communication channel you want: Zoom, Messenger, WhatsApp... Your client all have a smartphone with a camera, so there is no reason it can't happen.

Do you have to decrease your price?

During the crisis, cash is king and it's better to have clients that pay less than usual than no clients at all. I would recommend that you decrease your price as it is online and cannot be as efficient than in person.

You can also "offer" the online service as long everybody as to stay at home and sell the future 1 on 1 sessions at the same price but people might be worried to not be available later on.

You want personalized solutions?

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